Called to Awaken with Shiloh Sophia


Welcome! We are so very HAPPY that you have joined us.

Here are some very important tips for participating. Please read these.

  • We take breaks from time to time, so if there is nothing happening, just hang on for a few!
  • If you are joining after the event has started, please know that this event is spontaneous and live action focused. You can control the reply via the player controls for DVR style functions.
  • You do NOT need a Livestream account to watch, or chat. (but, they are free)
  • You access the recordings right here on this page. Bookmark away!
  • Remember that this is an advanced technology and as such, is subject to the Internet Muse.
  • Things can/will happen – be patient, breathe, reload the page if all else fails.
  • For best results, we do not recommend iPads, Kindles or other palm/hand devices.
  • And finally. Thanks for riding in the quantum field with us!